Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letters from Lisa J.: Tax Scam Alert

From Lisa Jensen, CCV's Resource Coordinator:

As we are getting closer to tax season and people are thinking about getting tax refund advances, I wanted to share this recent email. Stay tuned for information next month on how income eligible Vermonters can get their taxes done for free!

An alert was issued today which advised that a recent e-mail phishing scam has been identified asking taxpayers to complete an online application for a new refund. The e-mail contains an embedded link that will request personal identifiable information from the taxpayer. If your partners ask you about this, please remind them that the IRS does not ask for personal identifying or financial information in unsolicited electronic mail (e-mail), telephone calls, or postal mail. If they want more information, refer them to the irs.gov website, keyword "Phishing". Below is a sample of what taxpayers are receiving:

From: Internal Revenue Service taxes@irs.gov

To: Taxpayer

Subject: Your Tax Application Has Been Rejected

In order to apply for a new tax refund, please download the new form for tax-refund applications, open it, complete it and send it to: (embedded link)

image by JD Hancock

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