Monday, October 3, 2011

Desiree Roberts Featured in Seven Days Feedback Column!

CCV student, Desiree Roberts recently wrote a letter to the editor that was featured in the Seven Days Feedback column:

Enough National Coverage

I was amazed to hear that people think Vermont did not receive enough national coverage about the damage done by Tropical Storm Irene [“Fifteen Minutes? How the National Media Reported on Irene in Vermont,” September 7]. Not only do I work in the hospitality industry here in Vermont, but I also am obtaining my degree in hospitality and tourism management at CCV. From this perspective, I would say that the media got out of control with the coverage of the damage, and then failed to report on our cleanup and restoration progress.

While the storm did do great damage, the media coverage is doing even greater damage by way of tourists that we need during fall foliage, our high season. They are canceling reservations and trips because they fear that their hotels are inaccessible or destroyed. While people may gripe about tourists during fall foliage, we need them — and their revenue. I don’t understand why the media can’t do a good-news news story for once. They only report the bad things because that is what gets ratings.

Desiree Roberts

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