Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Is...

Anyone who knows me, even slightly, will know how I dread winter. I try to stay busy with projects and catch up on reading and films. For 12 years, during our January break, we traveled south to Key West for two to three weeks, but the economy has hit us all. In an effort to open my mind to  winter’s possibilities, I asked some of my literature students to share their overall feelings about our longest season. 

Here’s what came up:

Winter is:
Thrilling when the moon is full.
A snow day at home.
Sipping hot chocolate by the fire.
The sparkle of a snowflake.
Dogs digging in snow banks.
Eating hot, hearty soups.
Winter is:
Wearing layers, layers, more layers.
Skidding on black ice.
Long and lonely.
My penance.
Cold car seats.
Winter is:
Cotton-peaked mountains.
A crock pot bubbling.
Lakeside ice skating.
Bringing out the thick duvet.
Glassy serenity.
-    -      
Winter is:
Death to all things green.
Like an icicle through the heart.
When hell freezes over.
Winter is:
A time for family ski trips.
Putting real candles in windows.
Watching more movies at home.
A time for love and warmth.

Deborah Straw et. al.

image By David Blackwell.

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