Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Portfolio Development Art Exhibition

Rose Street Gallery
Friday, December 7th, 6-8 pm 
78 Rose Street, the Old North End, Burlington, VT

Projects of 8, is a collection of work created in the capstone class for Visual Art majors at CCV.  Each student was given the challenge of developing a body of work based on a theme of their choice, and in their preferred medium.  The result is an eclectic and highly engaging exhibit of high quality work in a range of media. 
Artists will be in attendance for the opening night.


Jessica Adcock ~ Mixed media on canvas
I search for beauty & truth in all things and seek ways in which I can incorporate them into my work, as I am constantly inspired by the world around me.   Like my life, my work continues to grow and unfold, a process of which I will never grow tired.

Mary Arnold ~ Ceramics
My work uses both dry humor and kitch to examine the relationship between man and beast.  The sculptures are intended not only to highlight the aspects of this relationship, but also to encourage the viewer to realize their own thoughts, opinions and views on the matter.

Grace Byrne ~ Acrylic & Fabric on Canvas
My paintings deal with addiction.  They are a part of my recovery process and a safe place for me to be vulnerable.  I make my art to express thoughts, situations and events that I have experienced.

Randi-Lynn Crowther ~ Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas
Due to the overwhelming increase in human population, the environment in which we live is rapidly changing.  My work explores these effects on our landscape with the use of acrylic and pastel mediums.

Jaime Jimenez ~ Mixed Media
Jaime Jimenez is a Hispanic illustrator that is attempting to tell a story through his own interpretation of a traditional cultural art form. His paintings mirror the bright, colorful natural environment that was his father's land.  

Kasey Loyer ~ Watercolor
This body of work was inspired by the simplicity of nature and the connection each of us has to the earth. I used watercolors to show the free flowing lines and organic shapes found in nature.

Amber Rizzo ~ Mixed Media
The idea of something bigger than myself, bigger than all of us, bigger than Earth is what consumed this work.  By making this work, I hoped to create connections between the smaller intimate parts of myself and the much larger infinite universe. 

Carter Shappy ~ Oil on Canvas
My series of paintings are somewhat tongue and cheek. Taking a cue from renaissance paintings I used classical poses and skin tones, and then threw a playful curve ball into the mix with retro high-contrast and very controlled backgrounds. I'm forcing the viewer to see these figures through my lens, a sort of filter.

ART-2170-VU01    Portfolio Development:
This is a class offered at the Winooski campus of CCV every fall and online in the fall.  Throughout the semester students develop a portfolio of visual art work to be used for a variety of purposes such as college admissions, transfer to four-year art programs, gallery and exhibition submissions, scholarship opportunities, and professional job applications in visual art fields. Students explore career opportunities in the visual arts, think critically about their own and fellow students' work, and develop professional artist statements. Along with a challenging studio practice, the course is further enriched, by engaging with the local art community by way of field trips and guest speakers.  By the end of the semester students have created a professional artist resume, learned to properly document all of their work for future applications and how to use basic electronic media to promote their work.  This semester they have the added bonus of an exhibit to add to their blossoming resume.

Hours: The exhibit will be at Rose Street Gallery the whole month of December 2012 and after the opening on Friday, December 7th, 6-8 pm, can be viewed by appointment.

Admission: free of charge  

About Rose Street Gallery:
“The Rose Street Gallery is the exhibition space for the Rose Street Artists’ Cooperative, whose mission is to provide perpetually affordable living and studio space for local artists. We combine creative expression with the commitment to community involvement.”

Curator and teacher: (For more images and more information please contact:)
Stephanie Bush  F 802.497-0805   E-mail:

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