Monday, September 9, 2013

The Hungry Heart Premier at CCV Winooski: October 18th, 7:00pm

The Hungry Heart explores the world of prescription drug addiction through the intimate world of Vermont Pediatrician Fred Holmes who works with patients struggling with this disease. The film provides an intimate look at the often hidden world of addiction and recovery and reveals the many challenges that Dr. Holmes and his patients face in confronting a relentless and difficult disease.

As the film progresses we begin to see the simple but profound connection that Dr. Holmes creates with each patient. For many of the young people in the movie, coming to Fred is less about getting a prescription for their addiction and more about connecting with a mentor who listens to them—if only for ten minutes a week. The film shines a light on the healing power of conversation and the need for connection that many of these young addicts yearn for but do not have in their lives.

In addition, the film interviews a number of older addicts who talk about their recovery process juxtaposed against Fred’s patients. The road to recovery is paved with both success stories and strewn with relapses, downfalls and tragic losses. However, through the movie we see the many faces and diverse populations of addiction, and their continued search for a life of recovery.

Film running time 93 minutes
Directed and produced by Bess O’Brien

All shows at 7pm – No tickets in advance all at the door.

October 18 -Winooski -CCV

For more information call KCP at 802-357-4616
In honor of Recovery Day in Burlington:
Proceeds to benefit Turning Point Center of Chittenden County
and KCP’s tour of the movie

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