Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Smith and Mount Holyoke College Scholarships Luncheon, Friday October 11th


Smith and Mount Holyoke College's Scholarship Luncheon

CCV- Winooski

Friday October 11th @ 12:00pm

Smith and Mount Holyoke colleges are offering full tuition scholarships for women 24 years of age or older, veterans and/or parents eager to pursue a BA after graduating from CCV.



  • High GPA

  • intellectual enthusiasm 

  • desire to pursue a BA at either institution  

Students must apply and gain acceptance to the Ada Comstock Scholars program to qualify for the scholarship. 
Representatives from both schools will host a luncheon at CCV Winooski on Friday, October 11th at noon for interested CCV students. 

To attend or to ask questions, please contact Amy Stuart 654-0542 or amy.stuart@ccv.edu.

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