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Now Hiring-Burlington-area Social Justice AmeriCorps Positions

We All Belong AmeriCorps* State Program

Hosted by the City of Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office Program made possible by a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service

Now Hiring for Burlington-area Social Justice AmeriCorps Positions
The We All Belong Program is currently hiring individuals who are committed to social justice to serve as an AmeriCorps member starting this Fall. We are seeking individuals who are excellent communicators and can work across cultures to support diversity and equity work in Burlington area non-profits, schools and city departments.

Alums of the program report this is an intensive personal development opportunity with significant professional skill development. Serve your community locally!

Full position descriptions are also available online - all positions open until filled.
Currently Recruiting:

City of Burlington CEDO, AmeriCorps* Team Leader Full Time Position
The Team Leader supports the Program Director in coordinating Burlington’s We All Belong AmeriCorps*State Program. The Team Leader supports up to 20 AmeriCorps* members by communicating regularly, facilitating community projects, service initiatives, and developing a sense of cohesiveness within the group. This is a key support position to the AmeriCorps team, to address the needs of each member. It is important to be skilled in speaking directly but sensitively about issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and other aspects of diversity and oppression both personally and within an institutional framework.
City of Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront

Diversity, Accessibility, and Outreach Coordinator Part Time Position
The Diversity, Accessibility and Outreach Coordinator will support the BPRW garden program, strengthening accessing and developing stronger relationships between program leaders and participants. The Coordinator will improve community relationships and assist in the development of a more inclusive service delivery model for the Burlington Area Community Garden (BACG) program
HOPE Works Prevention Educator and Outreach Support Full Time Position
This AmeriCorps* member will engage in prevention education, community trainings, outreach to special populations, and direct services through our hotline, in addition to supporting the organization’s cultural competency program.
Lund Family Center, Cultural Competency Coordinator Part Time Position
The AmeriCorps member will primarily focus on assessing Lund’s cultural competency, and designing and implementing a plan to develop our agency and staff to be more culturally competent. We are looking for applicants with a cohesive value system that includes a

nonjudgmental attitude regarding reproductive choice, parenting options and substance abusing clients
Spectrum Youth and Family Services, Diversity and Equity Advisor and Multicultural Youth Program Support Full Time Position
Our AmeriCorps member will primarily focus on creating and implementing key initiatives in terms of developing cultural competency at an organizational and interpersonal level. The member will also serve as a support to the newly-formed Multicultural Youth Program
VNA Family Room, Family Room Outreach Support 2 x Part Time Positions
The AmeriCorps members will provide direct service support to our Family Room programs. These positions provide an essential service to newly arrived families, providing a culture bridging connection for families with limited and developing English skills. The members will develop many formal and informal opportunities for exchange within programs, including storytelling, cooking, nutrition, gardening, games, exercise, baby massage and others. Language skills preferred.
Winooski Family Center Cultural Outreach Assistant Part Time Position
The Winooski Family Center is seeking a Cultural Outreach Assistant to support and coordinate outreach and engagement efforts. Focus of responsibilities will include collaboration between Winooski Family Center staff, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, Association for Africans Living in Vermont, other culturally appropriate community organizations and individuals, as well as families in the community – both ones that we serve and those that we hope to serve. The AmeriCorps member will gather information regarding best practice and resources, will collaborate and serve together with program staff to help them become more knowledgeable and aware of the needs of the cultural groups in our community. Language Skills preferred.

AmeriCorps members serve full time, 1700 hours, earning a living stipend of up to $12,530, an education award of $6,641, and health coverage. Half Time AmeriCorps positions are 900 hours of service from September 2015 thru August 2016. Member benefits include a $6,641 living allowance and a $2,865 Education Award (upon successful completion of service) that may be used for qualified educational expenses or payment of qualifying student loans.
To apply:
For more information about positions or benefits go to:

Send a resume, cover letter and two (2) references to Marcella Gange, Program Director. Please send as one PDF document with email subject line listing the position title to: All positions open until filled.
More AmeriCorps positions coming soon. Keep checking with CEDO online

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